Civet – The Majestic Animal Smell

The animal Civet is no doubt very majestic…More so because of the expensive benefits it does to us…I mean the expensive provisions we are bestowed upon by this animal…

Civet is a musk like fragrance…it can be used for protection and spiritual enlightenment if used in the proper manner…but is mainly directed toward more sensual pursuits…Depending on which part of the body you anoint…civet brings different flavours of energy to the fore….This is a pure anointing oil for external use only…

Though little is known about its biology and ecology…there are some descriptions of habitat use…it once inhabited lowland forests…lowland swamp and riparian forests in the coastal plain districts of Western Ghats – although now it appears to be confined to thickets in cashew plantations and to highly degraded lowland forests in northern Kerala…It has been found in lowland riparian forests in the coastal plain districts…The species is nocturnal and probably elusive

Natural forests have completely disappeared in the entire stretch of coastal Western Ghats…thus the present vegetation is of secondary origin and is mostly plantations…Of these…cashew plantations are the least disturbed…as they are not weeded…providing a dense understory of shrubs and grasses for this terrestrial species to take refuge in…However….most records from 1960-1990 were in valleys around riparian areas…suggesting that this species is dependent of shallow water courses where it may forage at night…

Civet oil is derived from civets…The animal I had been talking about in this article….They can be found in Africa and Asia….Civets are cat-like animals…and belong to the order Feliformia…which also holds –

  • Lions
  • Tigers
  • Hyenas
  • Domestic cats

The oil is used in some perfumes…

Civet oil is sometimes referred to as civet musk…because it has similar properties to musk….

Civet oil cannot ethically be used…and is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans alike…

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