Most Exotic Coffee Ever Made – Civet

For the actual lovers of this beverage called ‘coffee’…The senses…the taste buds are never satiated…Instead their craving increases with every passing hour..

I have had so many friends who were absolute caffeine addicts…So much that they would get up in the middle of the night (literally) and go somewhere…I wondered if they were possessed! I had to follow them and used to find them preparing coffee for themselves…The ones who were pretty well-off…used to name brands of coffee I had never heard before in life…There was this friend of mine whose father was businessman…I remember whenever I used to go to her place to see her..she used to serve me this exotic and irresistibly rich and creamy smelling coffee…I too soon became the fan of the beverage…thanks to her religious serving…I asked her which coffee it was…though knowing that I would surely not have heard the name before…”Civet” she replied…

I searched for it and found ample information…about Civet coffee of course…In Indonesia…the country best known for this type of coffee…”kopi luwak” translates literally as “civet coffee.”…And just to clarify…Kopi Luwak is a process…not a type of coffee…

As a matter of fact…Most coffees are either named after the species or region or both take for example…

  • Lintong Arabica
  • Kona
  • Sulawesi Toraja Peaberry
  • Costa Rican Terrazu

And my tongue will get tangled in an attempt to pronounce these!

Anyway…There are four coffee species grown commercially…and hundreds of coffee growing regions…It refers to any coffee that has been consumed by a Palm Civet…a shy and peaceful relative of the mongoose that is found primarily in Indonesia and the Philippines…Palm Civets (formally called…Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) are of the civet family and are not actually cats…foxes or weasels

Any coffee bean consumed by a civet becomes “kopi luwak.”…If one civet is eating Arabica and another is eating Robusta…the flavour profile of each coffee will be quite different….However…both coffees will share the unique characteristics brought about by the enzyme action –

  • hints of chocolate
  • absence of bitterness
  • accentuated flavour profile
  • uniquely pleasant persistence on the palate

These changes have been documented and catalogued by a number of university studies…

Kopi Luwak coffees are such that enable you to experience the Kopi Luwak process on all four of the major commercial species of coffee and several different cultivating regions…

Basically…Coffee grows as a seed inside a fruit that resembles a cherry…The Palm Civet is a night-time forager who considers the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries to be a delicacy…which she swallows whole…She only wants the fruit…so the hard green coffee beans are passed through undigested…They are then gathered up…thoroughly cleaned…and roasted like regular coffee beans…Palm Civets have unique natural enzymes in their bellies that permeate the celluloid structure of the hard coffee beans and make it possible for the release during brewing of up to 25 or more otherwise unreachable flavour elements….Also…they neutralize many of the coffee’s bitter oils…

The result is the world’s smoothest and most flavourful coffee…with exceptionally pleasant recall on the senses…a rare effect that is experienced only with the finest and freshest coffees…

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